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Photography is the art of storytelling, capturing those cherished moments that matter.  Your wedding is a special time and memories are precious.  Finding the right photographer to capture those magic pictures is vital. 

As a wedding photographer I like to allow the day to unfold naturally, capturing those special, natural moments as they occur.  However, for those moments that don’t ‘naturally’ happen I like to use staged shots.  As a result my style is very much a mixture of natural and staged photography.

A lot of photographers claim to offer completely natural or candid photography.  However, without some form of staging and photographer interaction it would nearly be impossible to get some of those perfect shots such as a photo of the bride and her bridesmaids all in good light, standing together as a group.  

Also moments such as the couple just deciding to walk alone together through a path of roses, or sit and cuddle under a tree, don’t just happen naturally. For these sort of images it is necessary to take the bride and groom off for 30 minutes with some direction from myself to achieve those idyllic pictures. More often than not, it is these staged images of the bride and groom that will create the stunning portraits that you will typically display on your walls.  However staged doesn’t mean stiff, posed photos where everyone has to stand and smile directly at the camera for long lengths of time.  It is more about getting the right people in the right place and then getting them to interact with each other and myself so that the natural smiles come through. 

The amount of staged shots can be varied depending on your requirements and when I do set up a staged shot I will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed so that we capture some truly beautiful portraits. 

And last but certainly not least, remember that no two weddings are the same.  Therefore, before your wedding, we will meet to discuss your plans and determine the style in which you would like your wedding captured.  Ideally this will take place at the wedding venue so that we can also discuss possible locations for the different shots.

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